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Our philosophy: express who you are without compromise

This is Madara's invitation to all women and represents the brand's philosophy, summarizing its own conception of beauty. Authentic, confident and conscious beauty, free from stereotypes.
Through a large and diversified assortment, Madara allows each woman to bring out her own personality with practical and comfortable stockings and tights, colorful and very trendy. 


Plus-size fashion online that does not yield to the impositions of modern aesthetic standards

Madara wants to be the brand spokesperson for a woman who is aware and proud of her body, happy with her uniqueness and who has learned to love herself. We offer a wide assortment of colors for our Madara tights, based on the most advanced theories of color harmony to enhance women's bodies.

So you can wear any type of outfit without having to give up your personal style or give in to the impositions of modern aesthetic standards.

Madara tights are the plus size online fashion accessory you've been looking for.

Not a plus size garment for women but a philosophy: a real revolution that wants to guide every woman to become aware of her own beauty and give her a positive view of her body.

Our message is simple: all bodies are beautiful and worthy of representation.

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